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Last week I went with my fiancé to one of our recent favorite beaches to visit on Long Island. It was such an amazing day because it was a “good day” for me. Living with chronic health conditions, I have days where it is unbearably hard for me to do much more than just make myself food, and then there are the days I where I can get up and move around and go to the beach and let me tell you, I don’t take one single second of those days for granted, and this day was nothing short of magical. We watched the sunset which is one of the most calming, gorgeous things to watch especially while sitting on the sand, or in my case also laying…

I brought along one of my newest favorite accesories: The Sunday Mini. 👜

As many of you know I have been discovering and promoting more and more ethical and eco friendly clothing and accessory brands as I think it’s so important to be more aware of what we spend our money on and what we promote. I like to be as conscious as I can about every aspect of my life without ever expecting perfection. It is all about Balance for me. 

With that said, I was recently introduced to the Ethical and Luxury handbag brand Angela Roi. I fell in love with their Sunday Mini Tote in Cognac (they come in other colors!)

“Created on the foundation of kindness, values and love, Angela Roi is an ethical luxury handbag brand. At Angela Roi, the belief is that the goodness of people has the calibre to alter the world for the better. In addition to the grandeur of luxury, we hope to pave a path of altruism. With passion, creativity and innovation it is not only possible to progress as a brand but promisingly make our planet a kinder place. We believe in constant evolution. We believe in improving unceasingly, from the quality of our products to the wellness of our world. We believe that by nourishing the world we nurture ourselves.”

I have been wearing this bag any time I go out, it is the perfect size and it’s made me re-think wearing huge purses all the time (which my chiropractor yells at me about all the time 😆). I brought this to the beach and it fit everything that I needed to bring with me just perfectly. 

They also have it in a bigger size and I am going to save up for that one to use when I NEED to carry more with me. For now, this is my baby and it will be tagging along with me. 

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Inspired by and named after the day of rejuvenation and joy, this powerful design combines the appeal of modern edge and contemporary elegance to make a pronounced style statement. 

Style Details

  • Material – Vegan Leather (EPUL)
  • Designer wing-shaped mini cross-body
  • Gold zipper closure & hardware
  • Fully lined with fabric
  • Round studs on the bottom
  • Pressed logo on the back 
  • Signature ribbon
  • Phone compartment inside
  • Zipped pocket inside
  • Zipped pocket outside  
  • Removable & adjustable strap
  • Decorative lock 

Sunday Mini was made with detailed craftsmanship by the hands of talented and trusted artisans. It is is also cruelty-free and sweatshop-free.

(There were many photos taken from this shoot, and The makeup from this shoot will be featured in it’s own post! All natural, organic or cruelty free of course!)



Lovingly supported by Angela Roi. All opinions and reviews are always my own. I will never align myself with nor recommend any product, brand or store unless I use and love them myself. 

I sometimes share affiliate links (none were used in this post!) which I only make a small commission from if items that are ordered directly through affiliate links are purchased. These sales as well as your support for the brands I promote help me to keep pursuing my passions and to be able to continue to share with you my passions for all things beauty, fashion, wellness and lifestyle!! If you buy through my links, promote brands that help I help to support and who support me, thank you so much! I provide coupon codes whenever I can to try and help you save money. I am never paid for any positive reviews and will always give my honest opinion. #sponsored 

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