Under the roses I hid my heart.

“If you want to find the trail, if you want to find yourself, you must explore your dreams alone. You must grow at a slow pace in a dark cocoon of loneliness so you can fly like wind, like wings, when you awaken.” — Francesca Lia Block


I have been starting my mornings off with Green Vibrance powder and jumping on my rebounder for a good ten minutes to work my lymphatic system and help get some energy into my bones. I find that this has been giving me some energy to start my days off right.

I recently started reading The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. It has beautiful and easy DIY beauty and health recipes. Check out my most recent beauty concoction that I have really been enjoying: Spirulina and Honey Face Mask. It has given me more ideas for upcoming posts and I will be placing an order on Mountain Rose Herbs very soon. It is my favorite place to buy herbs, essential oils and bulk spices. I recently became affiliated with them which I am really excited about. If you place an order with them please use this link! I believe in supporting companies and small businesses that deserve the love and I will never recommend any brand, site or product that I am not 100% passionate about.

This afternoon I had a wonderful google video chat with two of my absolute favorite natural beauty guru’s, miss Kimberly Loc and Pemberley Jones. We talked about our favorite natural beauty products and next month we will be meeting again to talk more. It is so lovely to connect with other like-minded individuals. I highly suggest checking out both of their websites! They are both extremely knowledgeable about natural beauty and so much else! They are absolutely lovely.

I am heading to Long Island at the end of the week and I am so, so excited to spend more than a few days with Matthew and to see my friends. It’s been at least two months since I was on the island as I have been getting the Iron Transfusions and couldn’t travel anywhere. I plan to see a handful of my friends while there if our schedules allow us to! It will be nice to get away for a week and to relax and have time with my love and my friends again. It’s been too long.

I am sad to see Fall leaving as it feels like it was here for such a short amount of time. Although I am not looking forward to the cold, I am excited for snow and the holidays. Expect a blog post about my winter skincare essentials soon!

I hope everyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy is safe and keeping warm! We were hit but thankfully had no damage and were lucky enough not to lose our power! I have been keeping those who were not so lucky in my thoughts and I hope all returns to normal as soon as possible.



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8 thoughts on “Under the roses I hid my heart.

  1. so great to chat with you (almost) in real life today! i am going to check out that aromatherapy book while i continue to collect essential oils + carrier oils. good stuff! can’t wait for our next meetup next month. spread the word! xoxo

  2. I’m so glad you can now travel and enjoy yourself 🙂 I think you should write a post of some great poetry reads! I would love to hear some. Sometimes it’s the small companies that do it best, and with great heart. I love to come by here and get some great inspo

    1. Thank you so much beautiful!!! I will definitely post some of my favorite poetry books at some point! I love poetry so much. It makes me so happy that you find my posts inspirational. means so much to me. xoxo

  3. I love Green Vibrance!! I had some this morning! I’m looking into getting a rebounder. Where did you get yours?

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