Morrocco Method Haircare GIVEAWAY!! *CLOSED*


If you remember a recent post I did reviewing the Morrocco Method Heavenly Chi Shampoo and Chi Instant Conditioner then you will remember how much I raved about both of these products! They are truly wonderful and are a staple in my haircare routine.

I am SO HAPPY to announce that Morrocco Method will be giving away a full size bottle of both the Heavenly Chi Shampoo and the Chi Instant Conditioner!

My hair LOVES these products and has never been healthier.


Description: Heavenly Chi Shampoo is made from a synergistic blend of natural botanicals, herbs, and marine proteins that dynamically energize and condition the hair and scalp. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic, making it great for all hair types. This rich conditioning shampoo work to stimulate, rejuvenate, and revitalize the hair and scalp!!

Description: After shampooing, treat your hair and scalp to this instant conditioner. Morrocco Method’s Chi Instant Conditioner is enhanced with a synergistic blend of wild crafted botanicals, hand-picked herbs, and marine proteins that stimulate, rejuvenate and revitalize your hair and scalp. The all natural ingredients combine to provide special conditioning for matted and tangled ends, leaving your hair feeling soft and silky soon after use. This makes brushing or combing your hair after shampooing a delight!!


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That’s it! I will pick the winner at random and announce it back on this post on 6/18/13.


Good luck everyone!!



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37 thoughts on “Morrocco Method Haircare GIVEAWAY!! *CLOSED*

  1. i’ve been desperately looking for new natural products to salvage my damaged hair—this giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time! the shampoo + conditioner seem simply heavenly with all their herby goodness. love your blog britanie + would love to win these hair treats

  2. Thanks for your informative posts, I will come to you when questioning shady ingredients or trying to find better and healthier solutions for everyday life 🙂 You’re inspiring!

  3. You are such a sweetheart for pampering us with such give-aways! :* I love your blog! I would love to try these products because I have always wanted to, but I never got the chance. Whether I win or not thank you! Bless you and your family! 🙂

    Best wishes,

  4. Hey britanie
    Thanks for your fabulous giveaway! It’s really kind of you and Morrocco Method to spend some time to organize this giveaway for us. It really made my day when I saw that you are giving us the opportunity to try out your favourite products!
    I would love to win it! It will be really fun experimenting with all these products! Also, I haven’t gotten new hair care for a while now. So, can I say, PERFECT TIMING! Haha.

  5. WOW! I really wanna try these now that I see your hair is looking soo healthy!! Thanks for chance at this giveaway girl 🙂 I seriously love reading your blog! ❤

  6. I’ve been doing the no-poo method (for the wellness of both my budget and my body!) but am curious to try some holistic vegan haircare products as well!

  7. I’d seriously love to try these organic shampoo and the ingredients list is divine:) Hope it can help me with my hair loss problem. i have liked both fb pages as Shake Maj and am already receiving your emails.

    email: extremelyanno at hotmail dot com

  8. Would loooooove to try this 🙂 Already subscribe to your emails!
    thiscouldbeagoodtime at gmail dot com (don’t mind the syntax- i’ve heard this deters the evil part of the internet from collecting a person’s email for malicious purposes 😛 )

  9. So happy to recently find your blog! I’ve been gradually converting everything I eat/use to organic, natural products and I feel like I can learn a lot from you! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, I’d love to try out this haircare line!

    xx Victoria
    (victoria.zengo at gmail dot com)

  10. Whoa, what an amazing giveaway! I’m a “green” blogger myself and I truly love using natural an organic stuff. Your blog is one of my favourites and you are always so inspiring! 🙂 If I don’t win, I’m definitely going to give a try to Morrocco Method Haircare products!

    Greetings from Estonia! 🙂

    Astra Oinus

  11. For hair that is dry/damaged – and desperately in need of love – I perform a regular deep conditioning treatment! A mixture of 4 tablespoons of conditioner and 3 tablespoons of cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil from Merit VCO works wonders for me! My hair feels so much healthier afterwards, and since using it, it’s almost dandruff-free! I simply work it into myhair when damp, towel wrap, and leave to work its magic for around 2 hours, before rinsing. I treat my hair to this ‘healing session’ every other week, although it would be even more beneficial to do so weekly. Depending on the extent of damage, you might even want to skip the conditioner, applying only Coconut Oil.

    Since discovering Aloe vera gel and coconut oil I have not looked back. I really recommend giving it a go. I hope you are amazed as I was how easy it is to have good looking hairwithout spending a fortune.

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