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It’s been a long time since I posted an Instagram related post and I reminded myself I need to do this regularly since I post things on my instagram that I don’t on my blog and vice versa. It’s also a nice way to give a quick update on things I’m doing/loving lately. It’s another great way to incorporate mini-like reviews as well 🙂

*Click on the bold titles in order to see the full photos on Instagram*

  1. Tea time with Harney & Sons // Life’s pleasures abound in my afternoon tea today. There is nothing like sipping a cup of perfectly golden hot tea with Manuka honey, snacking on chocolate covered cacao nibs while gazing at a pure white snow covered field. This brings me deep inner peace and the feeling of intense gratitude. Just Be.
  2. My most recent order from Seed To Serum // Swooning over here! Thanks to the always lovely Meghan from for my gorgeous order! I love my Nudus Australia Lipsticks (Bittersweet & Survivor) and my Asa.Ap Sussex Rose Aromatic Elixir! And looking forward to trying Kester Black nail polish in Poppy (I love supporting my fellow Aussies!) and Soul Sunday deodorant, too.
  3. Sleeping Monk // All is well in my world because my loves just arrived! An integral part of my daily routine. If you are a reader of mine, then you will know by now how much I love Sleeping Monk formulas. I had to get more of the Immortal, Well Rested, Super Immunity & Mind Sharpener formulas. For Transformational Health, Start Here. I cannot recommend these enough
  4. Lunch and Tea // Enjoying a cup of Assam Tea at one of my favorite restaurants.
  5. Owls & Tea // You can’t go wrong with Owls and Tea. Mix the two together and it’s pure happiness for me! Many have asked where I found this amazing Owl tea set and it’s on amazon! It is the Fitz and Floyd Owl Tea Cup + Saucer. So affordable as well. I am so happy that I bought it for myself, it was a special gift to myself and I have used it every day since buying it. I also own the beyond beautiful Owl Tea Pot (also SO affordable) which my boyfriend got me for Christmas. Next up I need to get these. OH and my beautiful Owl/Crescent Moon Ring is also from Amazon: here.
  6. Mahalo Balm // Just look at this color! the Mahalo Body Care Body Balm is so stunningly beautiful to just look at, let alone apply to the face, hands, body, which by the way, instantly melts into your skin and the color dissipates within seconds. I’m amazed by this brand and this balm. It contains my favorite antibacterial and ultimate healer: Turmeric along with some of the most healing ingredients you’ll ever find like Tamanu, Macadamia, Neem, Kukui oils, Lavender, Geranium, Sandwood + so many more. My favorite thing about this is that it’s amazing for highly sensitive skin (like mine!) and can be used for eczema, rashes, irritations, ANYTHING. I’m swooning over here…
  7. Satori Perfume // If you want to smell like an absolute GODDESS then you are going to fall head over heels in love with the combination of Lina Hanson’s beloved Global Body Serum combined with her newest creation: SATORI Perfume. I will have a full review of the Satori Perfume on my blog soon. It is the most sensual scent I’ve ever smelled with notes of Citrus Yuzi, Torch Ginger, Warm Vanilla and Woodsy Sandalwood…. It’s beyond anything I could describe to you in this quick post. Lina Hanson is a true genius and beauty in every sense of the word. More to come on the blog soon. You won’t want to miss out on this perfume, I promise.
  8. Purple Lips // Wearing Modern Minerals Makeup Mineral Foundation in “Almond”, Blush in “Heaven” and “Sedona” (mixed together), Eyeshadows in “Seychelles”, “Oasis”, and “Champagne”. My Lipstick is “Abraca-Bam” by Lippy Girl Makeup.
  9. Makeup Look // For this makeup look I am wearing Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation and Mimosa Blush, RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, Jane Iredale City Lights Collection Eyeshadows and Jane Iredale Purple and Green Gel Liners layered ontop of the eyeshadows. My lipgloss is also from Jane Iredale in the color Kir Royal. My mascara is Lily Lolo.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know if you like these and want me to do more! Also if you’re on instagram and not following me yet, I am @BeautyByBritanie 😘🌟

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