My Top Four: Favorite All-Natural Blemish Treatments

After I did My Top Four: Favorite All-Natural Concealers post and received such great feedback, I figured I would make this a regular feature here on my blog. Today I am bringing you My Top Four Favorite All Natural Blemish Treatments. Keep in mind that I do try out a lot of products and my favorites sometimes change, but for the most part I have my favorite go-to’s that are always in my routine! I also have some favorite DIY recipes for acne that are amazing.

I have never suffered from bad acne but I have dealt with stubborn breakouts that strike during stress or for hormonal reasons. I also tend to break out when trying out new products (a side- effect of being a beauty blogger) and it’s not because the product is bad. It’s because skin can tend to go crazy when you use too many products at once. Skin likes simplicity!

With that said: I do breakout from time to time and when I do it can be very frustrating. For a fair and sensitive-skinned girl like me, blemishes can often leave redness behind which is even harder to get rid of. I have tried masks, spot treatments, and blemish-related products and these are my top four favorites in no particular order.


1.) Sukiface Transformative Clay:

“This uniquely powerful, yet light, creamy facial purifier includes white willow salicins, clay & our bioative cosmeceutical delivery system to do triple duty as a cleanser, masque & spot treatment. unclogs pores, reduces redness, hypersensitivity, blemishes & calms skin, creating a clear, fresh, smooth complexion.”

I have been obsessing over this entire line lately. It’s amazing. This lightweight clay is wonderful for getting rid of blemishes and my absolute favorite for helping with redness. You can use it all over your face as a mask or leave it overnight as a spot treatment. It doesn’t strip the skin or leave your face feeling tight after using. It’s very gentle and super effective.

2.) May Lindstrom The Problem Solver:

“A jet-black fusion of antioxidant-rich raw cacao, healing bamboo charcoal, soil nutrients, salts, and exotic warming spices go deep on a mission to reveal your most radiant self.”

I fell in love with this product after using it once. I reviewed this almost a year ago and still have plenty of product left. A little goes a long way with this mask and it is so powerful that using it once a week or once every two weeks is what works best for my skin. The mixture of healing clays, salts and warming spices that wrap around you like a warm blanket really do wonders for the complexion, not to mention your entire well-being.

3.) Burt’s Bees Targeted Spot Treatment:

“This targeted spot treatment is clinically proven to help reduce and improve the appearance of blemishes without irritating skin.  Formulated with Tea Tree, Calendula, Yarrow, and Parsley Extracts, our natural acne treatment helps calm and reduce redness while Borage Extract promotes healthy skin. Resulting in clear, smooth skin. Naturally.”

This product is the most easily accessible and affordable of the bunch and it works really, really well. I like to apply this using a cotton pad or just using my fingers. At first there is a burning sensation but it dissipates within seconds and I notice a drastic reduction in any blemish within 24 hours.

4.) Osmia Organics Spot Treatment:

“A surprisingly powerful blend of essential oils combats bacteria and diminishes blemishes, while evening primrose oil prevents overdrying and heals the skin.”

This is by far the best spot treatment for hormonal acne. This blend is brilliant and smells divine! This works wonders when applied regularly and won’t dry out your skin. This powerful blend of essential oils helps to actually fight bacteria and heal the skin. Definitely the only targeted blemish fighting product that actually smells delicious.


Have you tried any of these blemish treatments? Please share your thoughts and favorites in the comments!



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16 thoughts on “My Top Four: Favorite All-Natural Blemish Treatments

  1. I haven’t tried any of these spot treatments. My favorite spot treatment is Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel.

  2. Osmia Spot Treatment, May Lindstrom The Problem Solver and Zum Rub in Frankincense & Myrrh are my holy grail acne treatments! I’ll be picking up the Burt’s Bees you mentioned to give it a go, too. I’m never without some sort of breakout (lovely, huh?), so I always have something on hand to treat myself!

  3. I just starting using the Osmia spot treatment for hormonal acne and really like it. So much better than slathering my face with lots of questionable chemicals!

  4. I’ve used the burt’s bees before and was impressed, but I have to admit you are selling me on the whole Osmia Organics line, I’m thinking about asking for a bunch for Christmas!

  5. I was introduced to osmia through your blog only and i am so grateful.I am using osmia spot treatment and it works like magic.I definitely want to try the other products in this list.It seems May lindsrtom skin is everyone’s favourite (incuding me ) Thank you for creating this beautiful blog Britanie !

    1. I get cystic acne ocassionally. Alba Botanica Acnedote Invisible Treatment Gel works great to treat it as does the rest of the Alba Botanica Acnedote line.

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