THIS MONTHS Value is $96.00 with 4 Full Sized Products Included!!!!

Beauty IS AS Beauty Feels                                            

Founder of Modern Minerals, Diane Read is a woman that I have so much admiration and respect for. She radiates love and kindness in everything she does and I’m privileged to call her my very dear friend. Collaborating last year with Diane and Katie Hess from Lotus Wei to create the Beauty By Britanie Bohemian Collection (we released the B of Love Lipgloss and Sweet Thing Blush) will always be one of my greatest accomplishments and one I will forever be grateful for.

Diane grew up with strong women who taught her that beauty begins from within. After studying architecture and interior design at NYU and Parsons she chose to pursue her true passion. The result of that passion? Modern Minerals Makeup! She has created a line to inspire both inner and outer beauty. Diane envisioned and created a universally flattering color line that looks as good as it feels and is infused with safe ingredients that offer the added benefit of calming the mind and stimulating the senses.



What do you get in this month’s Beauty Heroes Box? (All full sized)

  • Rose Quartz Eyeshadow: Silky and selected for its perfectly universal shade, is infused this the essence of rose, coconut, and Vitamin-E for long-lasting, crease-proof luminosity.
  • Citrine Lip Gloss: Citrine invigorating lip gloss with its powerful spearmint punch feels perfect atop Padparadscha and emits the perfect glow.
  • Padparadscha Lip Gloss: The name given to the color of a rare, pink and orange sapphire.  The word padparadscha translates to ‘the color of a lotus flower at sunset’. How fitting for the beautiful infusion of Lotus Wei camellia flower essence into Modern Minerals makeup.


New Product Launch! Released to Beauty Heroes Members first.

Modern Moonstone Highlighter: This cream highlighter is being launched exclusively to Beauty Heroes members. Formulated with organic coconut, jojoba, and Lotus Wei flower essences, it glides on smoothly, leaving a touch of gold to illuminate your best features or anywhere you want to capture the light. On the top of your brows, down the bridge of your nose, or cupid’s bow.

I’m confident you’ll be thrilled once you’ve experienced Modern Minerals Makeup and especially, The Emotive Collection. Using them regularly will flood you with positivity and I know you will feel supported by the healing and inspiring flower essences in these creations.



*Subscribe before June 20th  to receive this month’s box. Or sooner because this will sell out fast. Spread the love because I truly believe this is a gift that you or your family & friends will enjoy month after month.

After Diane met Katie Hess THE Flower Alchemist and Founder of Lotus Wei, (do I really have to mention how obsessed I am with Lotus Wei here??!), the rest is history. And I’m serious about making history with their collaboration! These two entrepreneur/alchemists/friends, combined their passion to take beauty to another level completely. The Emotive Collection was born to help us see and feel that beauty is interconnected and our emotions are reflected in our physical features. Modern Minerals is the first color line of its kind formulated with ingredients that are not only safe for your body, but emotionally restorative.

**At Beauty Heroes you may choose one of three plans that work with your lifestyle and budget: (this month the value alone is $96.00 ) , $115.00 three months pre-pay, $225.00 six months pre-pay or $450.00 twelve months pre-pay.**

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Beauty Heroes and Diane spent over six months discovering the perfect way to introduce the concept of “emotive makeup” to Beauty Heroes. The unique and emotive properties of gemstone and flower essences uplift and awaken positivity, while minimizing the physical effect of toxic emotions. She had to share these products with her members! This is one of the very reasons I love Beauty Heroes. Jeannie’s knowledge and passion to bring us the very best in curated natural beauty with her mindful approach to: USE LESS, LOVE MORE.

Don’t forget that Members also get a 15% everyday discount on ALL items in the online shop. The value is here in each box and there are limited quantities.

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  1. Love this months box! MM is such a great company I trust. Also the fact we now have a vegan cream highlight is amazing. But BH no longer offers month to month subscription which is very unfortunate for me! I’m a stay at home mom and can’t afford to prepay $115 for the lowest plan. My husband would just laugh! I really hope BH reconsiders their customers and goes back to offerin month to month.

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