Introducing BEAUTY DISCOVERY Osmia Night Body Oil + Sidekick of The Lip Doctor (both full size). USE LESS & LOVE MORE  HERO ON in 2017

Sleep is the best medicine, and scent and ritual are the key ingredients to a good night’s rest. Osmia’s Night Body Oil is a plant-based prescription for peace specifically formulated with ingredients that signal the autonomic nervous system to relax and restore, including French lavender, Roman chamomile and Moroccan atlas cedarwood oil. When applied habitually, the brain adopts a Pavlovian response, creating a healthy evening ritual of sense, scent and deep sleep.

Being a person that has severe insomnia this is a welcome discovery month for me. I’m committed to setting a set sleep time, massaging the Night Oil on my body after showering before bedtime. I follow by cupping my hands in front of my face and breathing deeply for the aromatherapy boost to let my brain know it’s time to wind down and get my body ready to prepare for sleep. By designing a nightly sleep ritual you also can enjoy soothing aromatherapy to calm your nervous system and signal that it’s time for sleep. You will support healthy melatonin production and an added benefit of all these rich oils is that you will get stronger, soft and deeply healed and beautifully scented skin.


Avocado – nourishing, anti-aging
Borage – anti-aging
Cedar Atlas –balancing, uplifting
Chamomile – calming
Coconut – nourishing, repairing
Evening Primrose – nourishing, anti-aging
Hemp – nourishing, calming
Jojoba – nourishing, repairing
Kukui – nourishing, anti-aging
Lavender – antibacterial, calming, clearing
Rosehip – anti-aging
Rosemary – antibacterial, clearing
Sea Buckthorn – nourishing, anti-aging

The value of this month’s Beauty Discovery is $76.00. Members pay: $115.00 for three months pre-pay, $225.00 six months pre-pay or $450.00 twelve months pre-pay. Members also get a 15% everyday discount on ALL items in the online shop. The value is here in each box and there are limited quantities. Sign up before the 20th of February!


Lip Doctor is an all-purpose lip soother made for those with especially sensitive skin and lips. Formulated with only six simple ingredients and no essential oils. Organic avocado, argan and olive oils give this lip butter it’s beautiful glide. Beeswax gives it the sustenance. The Lip Doctor is unisex. This is quite possibly my favorite lip repair balm ever. I keep one in my purse and one by my computer. This is the greatest product and I love the super-size. (full review of this Lip Balm coming on the blog soon!)

I encourage everyone to support Beauty Heroes by joining. I’ve been here since the beginning as an Ambassador of the brand and I can’t tell you how much respect I have for Jeannie Jarnot. She continually finds and brings to us some of the products that have become the most important staples in my personal skincare routine. January’s Beauty Discovery brings that point home to me more than ever. I simply have to say that I’ll be a Beauty Hero Member forever and will never stop being amazed at the commitment that Jeannie has to our green beauty community.

Sign up before February 20th because you will not want to miss out on even one Beauty Discovery of 2017. You can also spread the love because I truly believe this is a gift that you or your family & friends will enjoy month after month. Plans that work with your lifestyle and budget: (This month the value alone is $76.)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Sarah Villafranco the Founder of Osmia a few years ago on my blog. I’ve been a devoted customer of Osmia for years as a matter of fact, Osmia is one of the reasons I began my blog about green beauty and skincare. I was amazed at how beautiful and powerful green beauty really was after trying out Osmia. Click below to learn more about Dr. Sarah.

I’m so excited to bring you new monthly discoveries and to be here with you every step of the way with Beauty Heros! SIGN UP HERE.

(photos courtesy of Beauty Heroes)

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