Coming out of my cage

Unless you love,
Your life will flash by.

I haven’t been taking a whole lot of photos lately or documenting much. I haven’t had a computer since ive been on Long Island so I’ve just been using my phone to check my email, etc. I am getting quite fond of the feeling of being away from so much technology. It’s nice to take a breather and appreciate what is around you.

I have been in a great deal of pain lately and it’s been making me antisocial which I hate to be but when I am feeling physically incapable of even doing simple things like walking or getting myself together, it’s even harder to have the energy for other people when there’s so little for myself as is.

I am lucky to have a group of friends who truly get me and my situation and don’t ever get frustrated or give up on me. It makes me feel so comforted.

I just can’t wait to be feeling better.

I send out positive thoughts daily and pray to whatever and whomever that soon the pain will subside and I never give up hope that it will at least get progressively easier as more time goes on. I can’t ever stop believing that.

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