Remedies: Chlorophyll and Cinammon for Anemia

I’ve struggled with Anemia for years partially due to my digestion and not being able to get the  most out of what I eat and also because of my periods being so heavy. I had Iron Transfusions years back that helped immensely and I am looking into getting them again as I cannot tolerate any type of iron pill. My stomach does not digest it will at all.

I’ve been looking into natural herbs and remedies to help me get levels higher and to just help me feel more energetic as I have been so weak lately and my dark circles have never been worse. I discovered a few things that are really easy and can be super helpful in the treatment of Anemia.


Chlorophyll is essential to the process of photosynthesis…. often called the “building block of life.” The way that chlorophyll is needed in plants to complete photosynthesis, it is also needed to eradicate anemia. Chlorophyll helps to build red bloods cells to heal anemia. Red blood cells help to transport oxygen throughout the body, especially to the brain. It is important to take Chlorophyll with food as it can irritate your stomach and the taste isn’t great! I take it in liquid form but I also have tablets that I will chew throughout the day as well and have never experienced stomach upset and I have an extremely sensitive stomach.


Cinnamon contains high amount of antioxidants that help to strengthen the immune system function that is vital for people with anemia who use to have a weaken immune system caused by low level of oxygen in the blood. One teaspoon serving size of cinnamon contains one mg of iron which contributes to the 11-18 mg you need per day.

I like to put one to two teaspoons of cinnamon in my tea or coffee and it tastes delicious! It’s also really good for digestion.


There are many other ways to treat anemia. B-vitamins are great and lots of spinach and greens. but these two are what I have been taking daily and am noticing a small change in my energy levels already. I am hoping to still get the iron transfusions as well but in the mean time will continue to take these and if you are struggling with anemia I highly suggest checking these out. Also if you just need an energy boost. Chlorophyll is amazing regardless if you are anemic or not.

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