I am glad I was not born before tea.

My Tea Collection

I have a serious obsession.

i love holding a tea cup between my hands and warming my cold fingers. i love to feel the steam caressing my face and smell the aromas of the herbs. i love believing in their natural healing. i love to mix different teas together and create my own concoctions for different needs. i love enjoying teas in their natural state without adding any extra sweeteners. i love knowing that i can add extra sweeteners to discover a stronger taste or to dilute the taste if needed. i love tea pots and loose teas. i love tea tasting at little tea houses and making lists of new teas to buy. i love the beautiful quotes that come with yogi teas. i love having deep conversations with someone while sipping on teas and commenting on the tastes and textures. i love the warm feeling i get in my stomach when the tea travels down my throat and comforts my nerves. i love trying new teas and buying new teas and saving tins and boxes that my teas come in. i love that finding tea cups all over my apartment full of empty tea bags brings a smile to my face. i love reusing my tea bags and squeezing out every last bit of goodness until there is nothing left of them. i love discovering how every herb has it’s own purpose and how every tea, in any mixture, is always different. i love that i can always rely on a cup of tea to escape or indulge. i love that i can think of all of these many things that i love .all about tea.

tea leaves
tea loves
loves tea
lives tea
leaves tea?

What are your favorite teas?



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6 thoughts on “I am glad I was not born before tea.

  1. Wow…this is a pretty big tea collection! It’s exciting to see some loose-leaf teas in there too! I love loose tea.

    I also really love the sensations of holding a warm teacup and breathing in the vapors over the tea cup before I sip it. I especially love this in winter, but I drink hot tea all summer long, even when I’m also drinking iced tea during the hottest part of the day.

    I also have had so many wonderful conversations over tea!

    It’s really impossible for me to pick a favorite type of tea. I like trying new teas and mixing up what I’m drinking, which is why my tea cupboard looks a lot like yours! I will say, I tend to prefer loose teas and pure teas (rather than flavored ones), although there are still a few flavored teas and tea bags that I really enjoy from time to time.

    1. Thank you so much!!

      I love making iced tea as well. You can do so much with teas. I love it. I prefer loose teas as well but sometimes I just find its easier with the bags but loose is definitely better quality!

  2. Its reassuring to see someone who loves tea as much as I do, people literally think Im tea-crazy. I love going to my local market that sells loose tea, so I can go home and make my own concoctions. My boyfriend loves the sleepy tea I make for him, which I put lavender, lemon balm, valerian, chamomile…and peppermint. He sleeps like a baby! I usually drink chamomile tea all day (as much as I drink water). Right now Im drinking rosehip and red clover tea. Ahhhh I can go on and on about tea. I have switched a lot of friends and family members over from coffee, to tea. I love reading your page, its 1:30 am and I have been looking at it for over an hour. It really makes me happy. 🙂 Peace & Love

  3. I thought I was obsessed with tea! You’ve definitely got me beat. You have amazing taste in tea (especially the Gyokuro, YUM!). You have inspired me to set up a tea storage & corner in my house.

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