Tea Time Thursday | Organic Loose Leaf Wuyi Oolong, Wildflower Honey and Organic Beauty Talk

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“The Wuyi Mountains are the birthplace of oolong tea in which this classic, dark-roasted oolong is harvested. We create a vintage blend each year from multiple lots of specially roasted Wu Yi varietals to create our signature Wuyi oolong flavor. After blending and curing, we re-roast to make it even and stable.” – Rishi-Tea

Oolong tea benefits have been known for a long time in China:

  • prevention of obesity and active contribution on weight loss
  • combats aging skin
  • prevents heart disease and cancer
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • improves vitality and life span
  • strengthens teeth and prevents tooth decay
  • relieves physical and mental stress
  • improves brain power
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • treats skin problems such as eczema and rashes

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I bought this particular Wuyi Oolong tea by Rishi-Tea at my local Whole Foods Market. It is really delicious. I love my vintage rose tea cups. I always feel so happy to bring these out for an afternoon cup of tea. I am obsessed with everything rose and tea related so when the two are combined it’s perfection.




This 100% Raw Wildflower Honey by Vintage Bee is my newest favorite. I fell in love with the adorable bear jars and have not been able to get enough of the delicious and decadent honey. It is the perfect consistency and is possibly the best tasting honey I have ever tried! I found these adorable jars at Home Goods. They are perfect to upcycle and I have been using empty ones for storing my herbs and other concoctions!



I am enjoying my cup of Wuyi Oolong tea while I read the interview I did on Organic Beauty Talk.


I am truly honored to be featured on the site and will be doing monthly makeup looks for the site starting in April. You can check out my entire interview here.




Have you ever tried this or any other Oolong tea? What are your favorite brands?



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17 thoughts on “Tea Time Thursday | Organic Loose Leaf Wuyi Oolong, Wildflower Honey and Organic Beauty Talk

  1. I love oolong tea. I usually by mine from a local herb and spices shop (it has an entire wall just with all kinds of tea, lovely!) but right now I am really enjoying a cherry blossom green tea.

  2. I’m a sucker for loose tea, rose / vintage inspired products and honey too! The cups are gorgeous and the honey jars are so adorable! I love sweet teas mostly, which is your favourite? Also, congratulations on the feature and monthly make-up posts!! πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Thank you so much. I love all teas but am not a huge fan of anything too fruity! I love oolong, green, black and white teas but I love my herbal teas too! I love vanilla, almond, dandelion, chamomile, rose, etc! I am a huge lover of teas. What are your absolute favorites? Thank you for your comment, love!

  3. Oohlong tea rocks! I used to drink a lot of Rishi tea at my first job (we had a tea closet!). I’ve seen it a lot at WF and other natural markets and may need to get back into it again. Also, your honey bears are too dang cute πŸ™‚

    1. I recently fell back in love with Oolong and I will never go back to just regular Green or Black teas! I am just obsessed. The honey bears are so cute – they make me happy every time I make tea ! πŸ™‚

  4. I loved your interview on OBT. You are very inspiring. I love Oolong tea but have never tried the Wuyi!

  5. Yay, tea! I love those darling rose tea cups! Oolong tea is wonderful, and it always makes me think of my mother. She is Japanese, so growing up she would make green tea and oolong tea, among others. She also would make iced mugicha (Japanese roasted barley tea) in the summertime and give it to my sister and I instead of sports drinks when we were kids. I love to make myself iced matcha lattes at home, too!

    1. Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚
      That’s so sweet that Oolong reminds you of your mother. The iced mugicha sounds delicious! I definitely want to make more iced tea drinks for the summer months. I am so used to drinking my teas hot that I forget how many options there are for cold refreshing tea drinks πŸ™‚ iced matcha lattes sound so good.. how do you make yours? I think I might have to try that!

  6. Oh, you should! πŸ™‚ Iced matcha lattes are delicious, and I always feel cheered by the beautiful, vibrant green color of matcha tea. It’s very easy. I put about 1 tsp of matcha and about 1 cup of cold milk in a blender and blend for several seconds until smooth. (Of course you can adjust the amount of tea and milk to your liking.) Pour over ice and voila! I usually sweeten it with a tad of this vanilla bean infused simple syrup that I make. Sometimes I’m lazy and I just whisk it in a bowl, but the blender does do a better job. I drink regular milk, but I think it would be just as delicious with almond or coconut milk!

    Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about your “Embrace Your Naked Face” post, and I’ve decided to quit my daily foundation habit. It’s just absurd, when I think about it. Now, I can’t go cold turkey, so I just ordered DeVita’s new tinted moisturizer to wean myself off, haha!

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