November Beauty Favorites


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am back with some beauty favorites from the month of November. I didn’t use too many beauty products last month as my skin was super sensitive after a severe skin reaction so I wanted to stick to the basics. I have been using all of these products on a daily basis!

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Liquid Castile Soap

I am obsessed with these liquid soaps. I don’t wash my hands with anything else, unless I have to. I adore the Peppermint for my hair and washing my makeup brushes, the Rose for my face and also washing my brushes. The Lavender is my favorite for an all-over body soap. It is relaxing and gentle and best of all it really cleans. I love this stuff. Plain and simple.

Rahua Voluminous Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

I ordered these on Spirit Beauty Lounge and have been using them consistently for a few weeks. I now see what all of the hype is with this brand. These products are wonderful and I find that I can go at least three days without washing my hair when using these products. My hair is less greasy and it has a beautiful shine to it. I also love that these products are Gluten Free. I recommend buying the travel size to try out the products first and see how they work for you! I will definitely be purchasing both of the full size versions once I run out of these!

Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Instant Skin Perfector

This has made my makeup routine so much easier and more enjoyable. How I never used this before a few weeks ago is beyond me. I have been a Vapour Organic Beauty fan since I first started my blog, in fact they were one of the very first natural makeup brands that I ever reviewed. I have tried almost all over their line and yet never this gem. This is truly a magic skin perfector. A few swipes of this on your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose, on your forehead and chin and your skin will look and feel like a million dollars. It is also the best primer I’ve ever used. It makes my makeup apply better and look better. There are no sparkles in this at all. It’s nearly undetectable after applying. It just smooths out the appearance of your skin and reduces pore size. It’s like skincare and makeup in one. The tiniest swipes go the longest way. For $44.00 it’s more than worth it.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain

I first mentioned this Lip & Cheek Stain over a year ago and honestly I lost track of it in the middle of trying out so many new blushes and lip products. Recently I was looking for a lip and cheek color and fell back in love with this. This gives me the most beautiful pinkish flush to my cheeks and lips that I can’t get enough of. It’s moisturizing to the lips unlike many other stains and really does last all day long. I never need to re-apply this though I carry it in my purse just in case. Oh, it also smells lovely! Like roses 🙂

Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in “Wisdom”

Lately this is the only shadow I have been wearing. It is so easy to apply all over the lid and lightly blend into the crease for a smokey-eye or as a light wash over the lid for a subtle every day look. I also sometimes use this as a liner to add more depth to my eyes. I love everything about this color.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Curl Care Mascara

I picked this new mascara up at CVS. I have always been a fan of the Organic Wear Mascaras and have tried all of the different formulas. I have to say I think this is my new favorite. The brush is curved which makes it much easier to create thicker and more voluminous lashes. It’s also the perfect mascara for the lower lashes!

Jane Iredale Dream Tint

I simply love this tinted moisturizer and the description of this product really says it all: “This super-absorbent tinted moisturizer not only hydrates, but creates a soft-focus effect that minimizes the look of large pores and fine lines.” — it instantly minimizes my pores and reduces redness. I wear this every day.

RMS Beauty Buruti Bronzer

I am always hesitant when applying bronzer to my fair skin because most of the time it looks muddy or orange. When I first received this bronzer and swatched it, I thought to myself “there is NO way I can pull this off” it looked dark and intense but let me tell you, the minute I applied it to the apples of my cheeks and blended it with my fingers it literally gave me the most natural and beautiful contoured and sun-kissed look. This is my favorite bronzer in the world. I use it every time I wear makeup now. I always apply a tiny amount to the apples of my cheeks and blend with whatever blush I am using and I also use it as a contour (it’s the best!).




Have you tried any of these products? What were your November Favorites? Please share your thoughts in the comments!



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14 thoughts on “November Beauty Favorites

  1. Well I love everything 🙂 The only brands I have yet to try are Kjaer Weis and Physician Formula (I’m not sure you can get it in Europe though…) All the others are wonderful products. If you buy the full-size Rahua shampoo, it’s going to last you a lifetime 🙂 After reading your post about your top 4 concealers, I purchased RMS un-cover shade 22 and I absolutely love it! So I have to thank you for that 🙂 It’s always a pleasure to read your posts.
    xo, Liz from

    1. You have to try Kjaer Weis! I know it’s expensive but it’s SO worth it. I can tell the Rahua will last me forever because the travel size is still pretty full and I use it a lot! It’s wonderful. I am so happy you are loving the Un-Cover Up! It’s great right? So happy you enjoy my posts 🙂 You are so sweet… xo

  2. I have to get my hands on that bronzer, it sounds fabulous! I love that you use Jane Iredale products as well, it seems like that lovely brand never gets enough attention and it’s seriously one of the best out there. I still have yet to try anything from Vapour Organics, but that is definitely going to change soon enough! 😀

    1. It’s the best bronzer I have used! I adore it. So happy whenever I see other Jane Iredale lovers. I agree they don’t get enough attention. They are wonderful. Vapour Beauty is one of my top favorite natural makeup brands. They make wonderful products. Definitely recommend them 🙂

  3. Some great favourites! liking the sound of make-up and skincare in one a lot! Have recently just started trying out Dream Tint myself…on the fence with how I feel about it. I seem to struggle with foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturier that has even a smidge of alcohol in it 😦

    Mayah x

    1. Hey Mayah 🙂
      Does the Dream Tint irritate your skin? I love it because it really soothes my skin. All of Jane’s products help my skin whenever it’s sensitive.

  4. Oooooo! I want to try the Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Curl Care Mascara. I can’t wait to find it in stores.

  5. Great post! I just recently finished a 2oz. bottle of Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap and I love it! I want to try the almond scent. I’m dying to try the new PF mascara, but I live in Texas…it’s gonna be a while before we get it!

  6. So, I’ve been eyeing the Dr. Bronner’s soap for a while now, and this finally convinced me. I bought the Rose one, and it’s amazing! It’s so gentle on my skin, and doesn’t cause me any skin sensitivity. Plus it’s organic, has no harsh chemicals, and is certified Fair Trade! Thanks so much! I love your blog.

    1. Hey! Yay I am soo glad that you are loving the Rose! It’s probably my favorite out of the bunch, although it’s close with the Lavender because I love that one too. I also adore the Peppermint. It’s really all I use to wash my hands and body. The best soap out there in my opinion. Your so welcome and thank you for your kind words! xoxo

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