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I’m so excited to introduce you to two very inspirational sisters, Jill and Carly the founders of Botanical Me. Botanical Me is a collection of vibrant aromatherapy products inspired by the unique healing plants of Africa. This brand was born in 2012 out of an ephiphany from a conversation between Jill and her husband (a native of Nigeria and a Malaria survivor). That light bulb moment sparked her to team up with her sister, Carly.

They used their nine years of aromatherapy business experience to source, design and formulate the Botanical Me collection. The “botanical sisters” intention was to create a natural body care and aromatherapy company that would contribute part of their proceeds to support malaria prevention and treatment in Africa. They partnered with, Malaria No More. This organization supports prevention programs and treatments in communities. Jill and Carly want their donations to potentially save thousands of children’s lives and help with the education and ultimately the eradication of this devastating disease. The “Me” to the Botanical-me is short for Malaria Eradication!

Their motto is, “Natural body care that inspires, heals and gives back!”. I think this is some pretty admirable stuff! It is so incredible to me when a company can use their combined ingenuity to create a brand that not only give us clean and green beautiful beauty products, but that can turn their passion for helping into reality! Win and win, again!

Now on to the innovative products that are my favorites…

Apricot Argan Oil

This multi-use elegant blend of rare oils is so versatile! I use it for my hair, skin care and even my nails. I love the vibrant uplifting scent. This oil is so light and smoothing. I use it on my wet hair after a shower. Just put a few drops of this delight on my hands and rub into my hair. It’s such a great treatment full of antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols and omega fatty acids. I also use it on my face after I cleanse, tone, and then I press a few drops into my face for supreme moisture.

Lemon Bergamot Body Butter

Another winner top selling product and favorite. This is the best aroma ever in a body butter! It’s “rich buttery sunshine in a jar”. The mango and shea butters are blended perfectly with uplifting citrus essential oils lemon and bergamot fruit. This is formulation blends into your skin very quickly with no greasy residue. It’s just perfect. If you want a quick pick-me-up, do what I do…reapply all throughout the day. (Inhale deeply first!). I use it all over. A little goes a long way, this is really rich.


Rested & Refreshed Aroma Mist

This travel sized mist stays in my purse at all times. I spray it all throughout the day on my clothes, hair and directly in front of my face to breathe in the luscious and really fresh aroma. It naturallyneliminates airborne germs. It’s so relaxing with the South African grown Cape Lavender essential oil. Don’t worry about staining because it has a non-staining water base. At night I spray it on my bed pillows for a restful sleep and it’s added theraputic benefit of calming my nerves. It also contains green basil and citrus essential oils which balance mood and fight jet-lag as well as fatigue.


Instant Energy / Pulse Point Roll-On

If you follow my blog you are well aware of my love for all things aromatherapy! I love the complex scents and therapeutic benefits of essential oils. I can’t get enough of them. Botanical me has come up with an invigorating aromatherapy blend to roll on your neck, shoulders and pulse points. (Take a look on the site for demonstrations on how to use).

Namaste Yoga Mat Spray

I love this multi-purpose aromatherapy spray for my yoga practice so much. We all know how sweaty the mat can get after a session. I spray about eight pumps of Namaste on mine to clean it and keep it bacteria free after each use. Don’t forget to wipe it off with a clean towel. Jill and Carly designed this to be used also as an air freshener and a fabric spray, too.

I really LOVE this company. Jill and Carly are two really incredible giving women that realized that each one of us really can personally make a difference in our world. I encourage you to go to their site, and take a look. I feel so good when I know that I can make a purchase for beautiful green beauty products (they also sell organic chocolate, honey and tea!) and at the same time help a cause that is just so important to children that need our help. Never forget the power each one of us has to make a big difference collectively in the world!

Have you ever tried anything from Botanical Me? Which products that I mentioned sound like something you’d like to try? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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