Holiday GIVEAWAY – Send Me Gluten Free~ Monthly Subscription Box *Closed*

‘We’re not here to save the world, we just want to make yours a whole lot easier.’


The lovely people behind the “Send Me Gluten Free” monthly subscription box have offered one lucky BeautybyBritanie follower a chance to win one month of special goodies for this giveaway! The products change, so the picture above is just a sampling from a previous box. And for ALL of my readers they have offered a special  discount code for 20% off ANY subscription length with the code BLOG20. Each month, subscribers get to try 8-12 new gluten free items. Products included in each monthly box are both full sized and sample sized. The choices can be food, personal care items, supplements or household products that support a gluten free lifestyle.

I discovered Send Me Gluten Free from the GF & AF Expo (Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly)  in Springfield, MA. This is the USA’s largest collaboration of this kind dedicated to awareness and education for special diets such those for the Celiac community, gluten sensitivities (me!), Auto-immune/Inflammatory diseases and Autism.

Go to: to learn more and to see which City they will be in next. The Expo ticket provides entry to the vendor fair with over 100 brands. Valuable coupons at the booths, samples, informative classes related to the GF&AF lifestyle, and a free reusable bag to carry all your goodies! And you get to meet your favorite vendors, authors and bloggers.

I’ve been 100% gluten free for the past 13 years after being diagnosed at 16 with gluten intolerance. Years of debilitating stomach pain, aches & pain in my joints and an all around “sick” feeling came to an end when I eliminated all foods and personal care products (yes there is a lot in many beauty products!) that contained any gluten.

Red Apple Lipstick is a gluten free cosmetic brand that I adore, use often and highly recommend to my readers. They are another favorite company of mine that often participates in these Expos.

When I began my search my replacements for all my favorite foods thirteen years ago, it was a very depressing situation to say the least. Almost everything I tried tasted horrible and just was not worth the trouble of eating! Even cardboard would have (maybe) tasted better than what was on the market at that time.

Well I’m happy to say we have come a very long way since then. What I love about this monthly subscription box is that you get so many different delicious products to try out. Every month the choices change and that’s the fun of it! I thought I had heard of everything new to the market, but some of these delicious foods were a surprise to me.

Food allergies are tough to figure out, but I found that the Elimination Diet was the most beneficial. Go to: and read, “The Simple Elimination Diet That Could Change Your Life Forever. I highly recommend doing this program for at least four weeks if you have any unresolved digestive issues.

I believe that everyone smiles in the same language! But what I know for sure is that everyone cannot tolerate the same foods! Food is medicine, find what works to make you feel your best. Take a look below at the all gluten free foods that were included in this month’s box!

Oh, and they include many coupons and this month included one for a full sized product!


My Thoughts: This company really  knows gluten free. They have been helping the gluten free community for a very long time. They have hosted the GF&AF Expos since it began in 2007. In 2010 they launched the mobile app, Find Me Gluten Free. It because the number 1 gluten free restaurant finder app. They wanted to do even more, so they created ‘an expo in a box’ for everyone living this lifestyle so they could try these products delivered right to their door.

You can sign up for one month, three, or twelve. But in my opinion you should give this company a try. For me, I can’t wait to see what new gluten free products will be included in next months box! Remember, my readers get 20% off the price for the life of your subscription, so use the discount code at checkout: BLOG20

To enter the giveaway you don’t have to be GF&AF!  These foods are delicious and you may want to give this lifestyle a try for a month and see if you feel a little more energetic and quite possibly your stomach-aches could be a thing of the past! This would also be a wonderful Holiday gift for someone in your life that is thinking of trying this lifestyle…(maybe even you!)

To enter the Send Me Gluten Free Giveaway all you have to do is:

Like Send Me Gluten Free on IG & FB

Like Beauty By Britanie on IG & FB

Leave a comment about if you’ve ever tried living GF&AF lifestyle and if so what benefits have you seen in your health? Do you know anyone in your life that could benefit from trying the Elimination diet?

Giveaway starts today Saturday December 6th and ends Thursday, December 11th. “Live Gluten Free!”

Good Luck Everyone~

Congrats to the winner, comment #7, Lauren!

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13 thoughts on “Holiday GIVEAWAY – Send Me Gluten Free~ Monthly Subscription Box *Closed*

  1. I have been gluten free for about 8 months now. I have been able to lose the last of my stubborn thyroid weight ( I have hypothyroid disease) and I have gone down on my medication because my thyroid is functioning better due to eliminating gluten in my diet. The Send Me Gluten Free subscription box looks wonderful! Lots of tasty goodies!

  2. I have tried to consciously eliminate gluten from my diet for a few weeks now and overall I feel it’s helped me to understand how my body reacts to different foods. Also, definitely eyeing Red Apple Lipstick.

  3. I actually have been gluten free for some time! About a year and my digestion has improved sooo much. I actually would give this to my best friend if I won this. She’s starting to get into gluten free living and I’m super excited

  4. I have been living gluten free for about 3 years and as a result, have lost around 110 pounds. My husband has followed in my steps and also dropped around 130 pounds. It is a life changer. Always looking for products to support this healthy lifestyle!

  5. My fiance has Crohn’s disease — he’s currently using the low FODMAP diet to figure out his sensitivities and is in the process of working certain foods back into his diet, but he’ll probably be gluten-free for the rest of his life. Living with dietary restrictions can be tough (and expensive!) so we’d love a chance to try some tasty goodies!

  6. I’ve been gluten free for a few years now and I’m also corn free because I’m allergic to it. Another member of my household has celiac’s disease, so most of the food in our house is gluten free. I would love to try some new things because sometimes I can get a little stuck in what I eat as there are only a certain amount of tried and true gluten free items out there. I’ve finally found a great sandwich bread (Canyon Bakehouse) and I know there are so many other discoveries to be made!!!! Thanks so much!

  7. I’ve been trying to go gluten free but it’s hard when you get an urge to snack! Or friends are going out to dinner at olive garden (curse their delicious bread) and it’s those moments that really test your strength. I do notice a big difference when I can stick to it though. I’m glad restaurants and food companies are starting to catch on. As long as we demand it they will supply!

  8. GF products …you just have to find the right ones and they can be really good. For corn products, we do organic. It seems that ppl are more aware and more options are coming.

  9. I’ve never tried living GF & AF, but I’ve thought about it many times. However, each time I thought about it, it was so overwhelming that I sort of gave up on the thought. There are so many products out there, and there are also many products that’s written “GF” without actually being completely GF, and as a new starter, it can be quite hard to know which ones are good, and which ones aren’t. I don’t eat really healthy, and I really want to change that. Maybe the Send Me Gluten Free box could be a good start!

  10. I eliminated many foods including gluten when my daughter was born, although I don’t eat totally gluten free now. I do feel less bloated when I do eat gluten free. I follow both on ig and Facebook!

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