My Holy Grail Skincare Line

“CV Skinlabs is a skincare line that has an unprecedented standard for safety – plus the potent ingredients to return to skin a youthful radiance and glow. Setting the bar higher than ever before on the safety of the ingredients, the functioning of the packaging, and the thoroughness of the testing has produced products that may be used with full confidence by men and women, and specifically by those with chemical sensitivities, sensitive skin, and conditions like eczema, dermatitis and chronic dryness.” – The Detox Market



Where Would I Be Without My CV? 

This is something I ask myself A LOT. It may seem strange to some to rely so much on a skincare brand or product but for someone like me who suffers from hypersensitive skin, it’s literally a life-savor to me to have a product that I KNOW will help me with almost any skin issue that could possibly arise.

Many people ask me what my favorite products for sensitive skin (dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, etc) have been over the years and although I love & regularly use MANY other brands,  CV Skinlabs is one of my go-to, and most highly recommended skincare lines. I find that I always return to using this entire line on a regular basis.  I have super sensitive, reactive skin and CV Skinlabs products WORK for me.

I am not paid to mention this brand. It often seems like it because of how enthusiastic I am about it. I am writing this because I know how important skincare is and for anyone out there who also suffers from sensitive skin, I know hard it can be to find a natural line that isn’t full of essential oils or too many ingredients that although are wonderful, may be too irritating for super delicate and sensitive skin types. That is why I am doing this post because I felt it was needed here on my blog.

I have been blogging now for almost five years. In that time I have tried many, many brands and products. Although there are so many that I absolutely adore. There is one line that I can never and will never be without because it is truly my holy grail. I feel comfortable saying this because it is my tried and true line and it’s the only one that I go back to any time I feel like my skin is acting up. It is also the only line that if I do not have it with me, I will literally have anxiety because it is THAT important in my life.

Many people ask me what my favorite products are and although I love and use many other lines and products, CV Skinlabs is my go-to, most highly recommended and praised, holy grail skincare line.

The owner of CV Skinlabs, Britta Aragon, is someone I absolutely admire and adore. If you haven’t read my interview with her yet, you must. It is guaranteed to inspire you.

Now onto some of the ways I have used and continue to use CV Skinlabs in my life (and in skin emergency situations)

Skin Emergency Examples:

Contact Dermatitis – 

I did a post awhile back showing this severe reaction I had to a product I tried out. I went to the doctor who prescribed me medicated creams and I decided to not use them. I instead used CV Skinlabs and here are the photos of the proof.

The Shingles –

Last year I came down with a horrible bout of the Shingles which was one of the worst experiences of my life. The itching and pain was so severe. I used the Rescue + Relief Spray on the area at least two times a day and it helped to relieve swelling and itching so much. I also applied the Restorative Balm on the shingles after the swelling was reduced to avoid any left over scars and I luckily did not get any left over marks at all. I also used these in conjunction with May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon and it was the perfect combo to help the itching, pain and scars.

Facial Flushing –

My skin is very sensitive so something as seemingly small as the heat being on too high for me can set my skin into a flush. It mainly happens on my cheeks and when it occurs, they turn bright red and they burn. It’s very painful and very noticeable. This also happens around that time of the month for me. When the flushing is bad, I will apply a very liberal layer of the Calming Moisture Cream to my cheeks and leave on almost like a thick mask. I let it sit and after 20 mins I will gently massage into my cheeks. This usually takes the redness down immediately. If not, I will spray Rescue + Relief Spray on top of the cream and this does the trick every time.

Bug Bites –

This summer I got bit by many mosquitos. I use the Rescue + Relief Spray combined with the Restorative Skin Balm and it took away itching, redness and healed the bites way faster than anything else I have ever tried.

Acne –

Many people think I have flawless skin and it’s just not the case. I get acne from time to time and when I do, it’s usually around my mouth and chin (hormonal relates). Due to my hypersensitivity, the acne tends to cause pain, redness and hyperpigmentation. the Rescue + Relief Spray and the Calming Moisture Cream are all I use on my skin when I am breaking out. It calms down the breakouts and irritation and makes my skin feel balanced again.

Dry, Itchy Skin –

If my hypersensitive facial skin wasn’t enough – I also tend to get incredibly itchy skin, especially after showers and in the winter. I usually cannot take a shower without being in severe discomfort afterwards because of the itching. I no longer fear showering thanks to the Body Repair Lotion. It is the only lotion I use on my body. It literally takes away any and ALL itchiness in my skin. It’s pretty miraculous. It also sinks into the skin immediately so if you are not a fan of heavy body lotions or creams and cannot stand waiting for it to sink in, you will LOVE this product.

Other –

Razor burns, other mild burns, cuts, scrapes, cuticles, itching, you name it, I’ve used CV on/for it and it’s always helped.

I also use the Restorative Skin Balm for my brows and they help to grow out fuller brows as well as keep them nourished and healthy. I did an entire blog post about how to achieve fuller brows & how to use the balm for this.

My CV Skinlabs Routine:

I use the Calming Moisture Cream every day as my facial cream. If I am trying out another cream, I will often use this ontop for added moisture or on targeted areas. If using a serum, apply this AFTER the serum. I have been asked if it works well under makeup and YES it does. It especially is amazing with mineral makeup as it helps to make it look so much more natural and never settles into dry spots. It does not contain SPF, so keep that in mind when using during the day.

I apply the Restorative Skin Balm to my brows with a spoolie at night which helps to nourish my brows and helps to keep them growing. I also use this balm on my lips all throughout the day and night. This is also fantastic to use on targeted areas.

I use the Body Repair Lotion after every shower. Without fail. This is the best moisturizer I have ever used. My only complaint? That it doesn’t come in a HUGE bottle!

I use the Rescue + Relief Spray on my face before applying any face serum or lotion. I also use it to set my makeup!!

Where To Buy:

You can purchase CV Skinlabs directly on their website, on The Detox Market, Citrine Beauty or on Amazon. You can also purchase the Rescue On-The-Go Kit which includes all trial size versions of the products!

Have you ever tried anything from CV Skinlabs? If so, please share with me your favorite products from the line and how they have worked for you. If you have not tried CV yet, I would love to hear what product interests you the most!



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DISCLAIMER: *I am not a Health Professional. All of my reviews are based on my own personal experiences with the brand/products. I will always give you my honest opinions and will only review and recommend products and brands I like, that work for me and and that I use myself! Due to the uniqueness of each individual I always recommend you consult with your medical professionals before using any product. All Photographs are (C) Britanie Faith unless stated otherwise.*

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8 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Skincare Line

  1. I love the rescue relief spray! I will always keep this in the house. I am going to try the moisturizer especially when my face is acting up. The Balm has helped with my littlest ones chapped face-literally over night!!!

  2. I haven’t tried CV Skinlabs yet but the way you feel about the brand is similar to the way I feel a bout Pure +Simple and Holistic Vanity’s lines. I love especially Holistic Vanity’s Rosacea Care Line. Great for sensitive skin!

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