Weekly Musings #4

I devoured this book and it has become one of my all-time favorites. I believe anyone who creates or wants to create anything in this lifetime needs to own this book. 

I had been wanting a Selenite Plate for quite some time to put my other crystals on and my fiancé bought me this one and I’ve been in love with it. 

I did an interview for Eluxe Magazine recently and was so honored. 🙏🏻

Oh, oh, these shoes though.

I am obsessed with this Rose Water. It is organic and I have been using it throughout the day and the more I use it, the less redness in my skin and I’ve even noticed my breakouts diminishing. I think there might be a little magic in it.

I’ve had an increase in anxiety lately so I am back to taking this supplement twice a day which really helps to calm me. Also reading this book over and over again which I’ve constantly praised for years helps me more than anything.

I’ve been doing a lot of smudging and cleansing + working with my crystals. I recently purchased This Spray which I had been wanting for awhile and it is wonderful. Perfect for those times you don’t want to commit to burning Sage and want a quick cleanse and pick me up. 

Oh, those stickers? They are frequency stickers that work to balance your body. Yup. I’m addicted.

Such a great article on plus size ethical fashion. I touched on this subject and appearances in general over here.

What defines you

I had been mentioning wanting organic underwear and I finally found the most comfortable (and sexy!) pair here. I’ve been wearing so much from this line. This wrap dress and this maxi dress are my go-to’s. Infact, I just ordered more since they are on sale 👌🏻

I cannot stop watching this YouTube channel. Violet’s French accent and effortless style is so addicting to watch and always puts me in the calmest and most inspirational mood! 

Current favorite album. Favs from the album: Ego, Blossom, Cold Blue Rain. Honeslty all of the songs are on repeat. 

I have been using this body scrub every time I shower and it is amazing. You do not even need to apply oil or moisturizer on your skin afterward unless you want to. It leaves the nicest scent and makes my skin feel so soft. My favorite summer scrub. 

Finished the 3rd and final season of The Leftovers. I miss it already. 😫 Perfect ending to a perfect show. 

This is the best crime documentary I’ve watched since Making of a Murderer. 

I want a Yoni Egg. I have heard it can be helpful in the treatment of Endometriosis so I have to give it a try. Plus it is a gem stone… in my yoni… sounds kind of cool. Just saying. 😉

Speaking of Yoni’s – I recently started using this delightful oil on my lady parts after every shower and it is a m a z i n g. Can also be used on other areas as well.

This is one of the most expensive face serums I own that I had no idea I needed. I only use it in the morning and it has changed my entire daily routine. I haven’t worn foundation in quite awhile since using this so that says a LOT. In.Love. 

Speaking of skincare: My Updated Facial Routine is here.

You should bookmark this blog. My mom finally started her blog and her Instagram is equally as amazing. She is such an inspiring woman and if you like my content, you will love hers. 

I’ve been having quite the love affair with podcasts lately. My favorite is That’s So Retrograde. I mean… obsessed. I listen to some of the episodes multiple times a day, as I’m cleaning or doing my makeup or just waking up. It inspires me like crazy. I particularly fell in love with this episode and have listened twice already. So good. But honestly, every single episode is obsession-worthy. Trust me, you’ll have girl crushes on Stephanie and Elizabeth in no time. Goddesses.

Another podcast that anyone with Endometriosis or any type of chronic health issues suffers from needs to download: This EndoLife. So good. Incredibly informative. Also, I will be on an upcoming episode so keep a lookout! 

Speaking of Endometriosis. I opened up about it over here. 🙏🏻


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“The days aren’t discarded or collected, they are bees that burned with sweetness or maddened the sting: the struggle continues, the journeys go and come between honey and pain.”  – Pablo Neruda

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Musings #4

  1. Oh Brit, thank you so much for the shout out!! I’m honored and you know how excited I get when you approve of just about anything!! XOXOXO Now I have to read about all your favorite things because I’m sure they will be mine, too…

  2. Hi Britanie!

    Love your blog and checking out all of your product suggestions! Saw on your recent facial routine post, you mentioned you used a few products to grow back your eyebrows? I would love to know more details on how you did this! Have you done a post about it before or are you planning one in the near future?

    Thanks! Mary

    On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 2:47 PM, Beauty By Britanie wrote:

    > Britanie posted: ” I devoured this book and it has become one of my > all-time favorites. I believe anyone who creates or wants to create > anything in this lifetime needs to own this book. I had been wanting a > Selenite Plate for quite some time to put my other crystal” >

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