Weekly Musings #2

This Winter was pretty rough. My Vitamin D levels dropped to an all-time low and instead of taking prescription Vitamin D, I am trying out these liquid drops instead. Crossing my fingers my next test will show better results. Speaking of, I am so intrigued by this.

I had SO MUCH FUN at the beach last weekend. Full post here.

Currently reading. & My next book to read.

My favorite go-to everyday lipstick color.

The best spot treatment without added essential oils. only one ingredient & super powerful and gentle. One of my favorite oils in the world.

My newest obsession makeup product that makes me look awake and contoured (if I choose to use it as such) otherwise it just brightens up my entire face as an all-over bronzer. Perfect for all skin tones, even my ridiculously fair skin!

On Projections.

The most affordable and effective toner I’ve used in a long time. I use this in place of cleansing my face once a day and to remove left over makeup.

This has been making me fall asleep faster. Not sure how I ever lived without it. I even bought one for my fiance and I also got myself another in this color. It seems so simple yet it’s made such a huge difference for me.

Coffee infused with Matcha and antioxidants and doesn’t hurt my stomach? Yes yes. I will be adding this to it every day as it is my new favorite thing. I am quite fascinated with the benefits of Collagen and how quickly I have seen results. Full blog on that soon.

I love this article from my dear friend Almila. I trust all of her recommendations.

MUST-WATCH for anyone who feels overwhelmed by “eco-beauty” or anyone who is involved in the more natural beauty and healthy living lifestyle. This is also an amazing watch on the same topic.

Right now I am OBSESSED with THIS show. I cannot get over the talent of Jessica Lange, I adore her, but Susan Sarandon also is amazing. I grew up watching Bettie Davis films and hearing things about Joan Crawford so this show has been extremely addicting. Also just finished Season 3 of Grace & Frankie!

Reading this article made me cry. The way she explains the pain of dealing with Endometriosis really hit home. It’s comforting to know there are others out there who understand. Also, I can’t really believe GIRLS is over.

Latest film I watched that was quite fascinating. Both actresses were fantastic. If you are into dark, thought-provoking psychological thrillers you should watch this.

On The 10 most flattering leggings no matter your size.

Are you serious with these earrings? I’m in love.

I want this to carry around with me in my purse.

On repeat.

Organic underwear for the win.

Just love this podcast. So fun. This one is a must listen to FOR ALL women.

Visiting here as soon as possible! 🌸🌸🌸🌸


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“If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” – Erica Jong

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Musings #2

  1. Weird,I can’t open any hiperlink,so I don’t know which Vitamin D you’re taking. But ,I read on ConsumerLab,that if you’re taking too much of it(over 5000IU),it does the opposite. So,you should take it with moderation. Check the article on ConsumerLab!

    1. Hey! I’m extremely low, even on a dose of 5,000 a day. So they want me on atleast 10,000. They wanted me to take a prescription form of it I think 50,000!? But I am trying to take the liquid drops, 10,000 a day instead. I’m so confused about all of it really. Not sure why it keeps depleting for me.

      1. Love, just a quick note on vitamin D supplementation: be watchful as high dosages can affect the skin and digestion. If the latter seems slow, look into coral calcium and magnesium supplementation.

      1. Yep,just this site.
        Maybe you have malabsorption,that’s why you can’t raise your vitamin D level. You should combine supplementing with sun exposure. But ,ofcourse,you shouldn’t wear creams with SPF! Also, check your PHT and do OGTT test,since you’re low on vitamin D. Check ConsumerLab.com ,they have some good articles about supplementing(incl.vitamin D). 😉

  2. I love your new blog. Informative about so many different products, I’m sure it will help many readers and hopefully you can be helped with some relief
    Good job💚🌴
    Beverly Fink

  3. The Vitamin D cream looks very interesting. I’d like to know how they source their ingredients, if it looks good I might give it a go!

  4. Gorgeous Britanie, please please tell me where you got that beautiful necklace (the C-shaped one…is that labrodite in the middle??)!!

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