HOLIDAY SEASON GIVEAWAY/ Week 6 – Uma Oils ~ The Ultimate Brightening Face Oil *Closed*

The beautiful and oh so inspiring Shrankhla, (I encourage you to read her story). Creator of Uma Oils, this ultra-luxurious brand is offering one reader the chance to experience one of her magnificent beauty oils: The Ultimate Brightening Face Oil (Retail $150.00). In Shrankhla’s own words: ‘Let your Inner Light Magnify Your Outer Beauty!’
And for all BeautybyBritanie readers she is offering a 25% discount on any purchase with the code: beautybybritanie at checkout.

Look at these ingredients: Essential oils of Orange, Neroli, Sandalwood, YlangYlang, Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, Frankincense, Rose in a Pomegranate Oil Base.

‘Uma oils are inspired by the extraordinary: Grown, extracted, hand-blended and bottled in small batches entirely at our lush family farms in India, Uma formulas are infused with the ancient science of Ayurveda to deliver soul-deep beauty solutions. Each highly specialized blend focuses on alleviating modern ailments, from acne and stress to wrinkles and dullness.’

All of Shrankhla’s superior quality oils are organic, vegan and 100% natural. The effectiveness and safety proven by generations of women and timeles

 Herbal drop from a dropper
Uma is deeply committed to the welfare and development of the vibrant community in Central India in which their farms and oil distilleries are located. Uma has a decades-long history of providing safe and dignified employment for women, and takes great pride in the fact that local women make up over 50% of its workforce.

And Uma runs free health clinics, enrichment programs, and academic scholarships. At Uma, the core belief is that these initiatives are not only the “right” thing to do, but that it’s impossible to create the highest quality, locally-sourced essential oils without investing in the community.

Journal 10/08/14 Uma Oils:

‘We are all guilty of slacking when it comes to taking care of our bodies, which is why Uma created organic products that had all the benefits of Ayurveda & Aromatherapy with the convenience that, let’s be honest, most of us require. Each of our whole beauty products has been carefully created to address concerns not even the best anti aging cream out there can combat alone. Whether you are craving the rest of a good nights sleep or the energy to kick start your day, Uma’s purposeful products can give you the boost you need and take only a few minutes to apply. Discover our Wellness Oils and learn how the right ingredients in your organic beauty products can transform your life.’


Go to , click on The Ultimate Brightening Face Oil. Scroll down the page to the right and watch the short instructive video showing the correct way to apply and benefit from these precious oils.

~So how do you win? LEAVE A COMMENT on if you’ve tried any Uma Oils? And what you currently use to brighten your complexion? Then sign up at to join the Mailing List. Next Sunday, Shrankhla will choose one winner from the list and you will be notified via email.

~Then, like UmaOils on FB and IG  & BeautyByBritanie on FB & IG as well.  That’s it!

If you win, I already KNOW you’re keeping this beauty treat all for yourself. I know the Holidays are for giving, but who said you can’t give the most important person in your life (YOU) a gift that will make your nose happy (the aromatherapy benefits are amazing in her formulations) and your skin glow. You are so worth spoiling!

~I read every comment and love learning about what you personally think and care about. This isn’t my job…it’s my passion

~One winner will be randomly chosen from Uma Oils Mailing List and announced this Sunday at 12:00 noon EST. xoxo,Britanie

Congrats to the winner, comment #9, Jennifer!

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25 thoughts on “HOLIDAY SEASON GIVEAWAY/ Week 6 – Uma Oils ~ The Ultimate Brightening Face Oil *Closed*

  1. Oh wow! I would love to try this to lighten up my acne scars. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying any of Uma’s oils!

  2. Haha, “I KNOW you’re keeping this beauty for yourself” 🙂 if only there was more of some things to go around! As for me, I have not tried or heard of this impressive brand before. I don’t use specific products on my face for brightening; most are really expensive, and I’m on a budget. Instead I took the cheaper, likely most effective route: diet. I don’t do dairy or much carbs, and pretty much no sugar of any sort. The results have been impressive so far. I don’t know how much it will do for brightening and clearing scars, but fingers are crossed!

  3. I have not tried but I am dying to!!!! The bottle alone makes me want it! I will be 42 Monday and I need all the help I can get, especially in brightening 😊 Would I share that bottle, no way-all me! I haven’t found a product to help with brightening as of yet…..Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  4. Just the other day I was reading about Shrankhla and Uma Oils on the site. The story, philosophy and impact Uma has in empowering woman is really fascinating and inspiring. I didn’t get through the journal posts yet, but the last one really struck a note with me. Balance. Shrankhla writes: “I know now that I’m most beautiful when I’m balanced.“ And I can absolutely get behind that.
    I just started using rosehip oil to try to lighten old scars and discoloration. We’ll see how that goes 🙂
    Ha, and you’re absolutely right, I’d be keeping it for myself, the bottle itself looks like piece of art!

  5. Never tried Uma oils but they sound amazing and the packaging is BEAUTIFUL! I am currently loving vitamin C serums, specifically vital-c from the Body Deli, to brighten my complexion 🙂 It works wonders on scars and red spots. I also exfoliate once a week or so by doing a coconut oil facial and using a warm, moistened washcloth to exfoliate and remove the oil. No need to moisturize afterwards!

  6. I have never tried this brand but they sound beautiful! I love a good facial one and could use a brightening one for my acne scarring. I am also very interested in Ayurvedic practices, the philosophies are so wonderful.

  7. I haven’t tried these oils yet but after reading about them, I need to! I am currently using argan oil on my face. My face could definitely use some brightening as I have a lot of scars from acne.

  8. I absolutely have the same passion as you for beauty Britanie, after dealing with horrible acne as a teenager and now as a mom, after giving birth of two beautiful kids, I feel that my skin has been through a lot, I’ve tried a lot of things, but since I switch to more natural products, I am staring to notice the difference. Rigth now I use a neroli Marula oil, and a vitamin c serum. I Absolutely would LOVE to try UMA OIL, just the ingredients make me happy, and maybe it can help me with some dark spots that I have. Thank you for all that you girls do to help women feel more confident and beautiful 😘😘😘

  9. It would be such an awesome pleasure winning the brightening uma oil, it looks absolutely stunning and the ingredients are wonderful. I currently use the 100% pure vitamin c serum to lighten up scars. Let me tell you, I have my fair share of acne scars, total bummer! I unfortunately don’t have an Instagram but will definately like both pages on facebook. Thank you for this great opportunity during the holidays!

  10. Hi Britanie,
    Love your blog!
    I’m having lots of problems with my post pregnancy melasma under my eyes area..those brown patches just won’t go…so at the moment I’m using Yuli “cell perfecto” ,Kahina brightening serum and Pai rosehip oil.
    I’d love to try this Uma brightening oil – the ingredients list sounds amazing and the packaging is gorgeous ..

  11. I love using oils on my face and would love to try this oil! I haven’t found one that’s effective for brightening yet but I’m still looking. I use argan oil and a natural lactic acid lotion to keep my skin moisturized and clear.
    Oh, and I followed you both on FB and IG, and signed up for the mailing list.

  12. Haven’t tried any uma oils yet, I’ve only been admiring from afar 😉 love their philosophy ♡.I have a thing for brightening treatments because i suffer from dull skin. I have just started using Kama Ayurveda KUMKUMADI( Prescribed in ayurveda to illuminate complexion and even skin tone.)Ayurvedic Night Serum.It has herbal extracts of saffron, sandalwood, vertiver, liqorice, himalayan cherry, lotus, banyan tree, Indian madder and sappan wood in Sesame oil.Hope it works for me..

  13. I haven’t heard of Uma oils but I would love to try this! I have pretty bad skin discoloration, probably as a side effect of some meds I have to take. I’m currently using Yuli and Laurel oils as a brightener. They help but I’m always on the search for something new. My skin routine is always changing and I love trying and researching new brands:)

  14. I’ve yet to try Uma oils but follow them on IG (and now FB!) so I’ve definitely been tempted. I currently use an Argan and prickly pear seed oil blend to keep my skin bright and happy. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway Britanie! Happy holidays to you! Xx

  15. I haven’t tried any of Uma’s products, but they sound so luxurious! What a treat! And I would definitely keep it to try 😉 I don’t think I’m using a product currently to specifically brighten my skin. I signed up for the Uma newsletter as well. I also like and follow both of you on IG and facbook (gsgisi and Ginger Starr Gisi). Thanks for the chance, Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  16. I have not tried umas oils and would love to! I currently use frankincense and lavender oils mixed with coconut oil to help with my complexion. The combination of oils in this facial oil sounds amazing!

  17. No, I havn’t tried the oils before, actually I didn’t even know the company. But it sounds great! I just use rosehip oil which is good for my skin but not really brightnening.

  18. I haven’t tried these oils yet, although I have tried emu oil for hair growth. I’ve used rosehip oil, which is so softening. I prefer oils to lotions any day of the week! Thanks! Happy holidays.

  19. I have only recently gotten crazily into oils! I have been regularly using argan oil but I would be so interested in trying her unique mixtures; I feel excited just thinking about trying magical blends with less common ingredients like Frankincense and juniper berry! It seems like such an adventure. I have been coming back from a few intestinal-related health scares this year which wreaked havoc on my face, my body, my self-esteem and my mental health so I relate to and appreciate her philosophy of balance. Here’s to all of us taking care of ourselves in this new year, and taking care of mind, body and spirit. ❤

  20. I wash my face with a jojoba oil and essential oil mixture, and then apply a light homemade moisturizer if I need the extra nourishment, but I would love to get into face oils, especially delicious smelling ones!!!

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