What I’m Loving Lately… (Autumn Edition)

Happy November everyone! Fall is here and it’s beautiful. During this time I like to add more teas and tonics into my daily routine. I am always trying out many different beauty, health, fashion & lifestyle products so whenever I find that there are specific things I keep going back to, I love to do posts like this to share with all of you!!!

  1. Habit Cosmetics Scarab Nail Polish “a metallic beetle green”. I am so happy I picked this nail polish up from BeauTeaBar. It’s is the perfect dark green with a hint of metallic shimmer. Also all of the polishes from Habit Cosmetics are formulated with Myrrh Extract to strengthen nails and prevent breakage and are 5 Free!
  2. Lotus Wei Quiet Mint Mist –  I spray this on my bed and pillows every night before bed. To take it even further I mix it in with the serum and rub it all over my legs and feet which helps me to calm down and feel more grounded before I go to sleep. This scent is not only great for nighttime though, it’s lovely during the day for those times when you just need a little break. Containing flower essences of bird of paradise, datura, passionflower, etc This blend helps you get out of your head and silence the mind.
  3. Axiology Beauty Elusive Lipstick – You can see me wearing this color here. The color in photos just doesn’t do this rusty orange brown justice. It’s truly beautiful and an absolute must-have for Fall and Winter.
  4. Sleeping Monk Super Immunity – The name says it all! Super Immunity. This potent herbal formula is something I cannot be without. With ingredients like Black Reishi, it keeps my immunity in better shape than ever. I recently got over a flu and I used this every day.
  5. Sage Smudging Stick – I use White Sage with an Abalone Shell to go around my house and cleanse the energy. Smudging is so important to clear any stagnant energies, remove impurities and uplift the body & spirit.
  6. Lov Organic Teas – I am a huge tea lover and recently went through and cleaned up my collection. I came across this brand and fell in love with them. My favorites blends are the Lov Is Zen and Lovely Night. They are both so satisfying and perfect for drinking during the day and at night. I cannot get enough of these teas lately!
  7. Floppy Hat – I have become quite the wearer of floppy hats lately. Not only do they serve as the most natural sunscreen you could find but they are great in the cooler months as well. They keep you warm while also making you look fabulous and adding that little bit of je ne sais quoito any outfit!



Spot any favorites? What are YOU loving right now?



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3 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Lately… (Autumn Edition)

  1. Hi Britanie,

    First of all let me say I absolutely love your Periscopes. You are so funny and truly genuine, I feel like I’m listening to a friend. I have a selfish request- can you do more evening scopes? I get notifications during work and am not able to join often. Bring on a live scope gives me a chance to comment and ask questions. For example, that Vapour/ Jane Iredale combo is exactly what I do! I couldn’t believe you do that too. I’m glad you didn’t talk about the overrated Kjaer Weis foundation cause that stuff gave me the worst breakout of my life! Anyway I’m rambling. Please consider more scopes later if not, I’ll be happy to watch whenever I can! Thanks, Marian

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