life update | If I can only recount the story of my life right out of my body, flames will grow.

“These pains that you feel are messengers. Listen to them. Turn them to sweetness.”―Rumi

What a tough week. I was admitted into the ER on Sunday night after having an extremely hard time breathing and losing feeling in my arms and legs. They did an EKG and a bunch of other tests and told me I was receiving lack of oxygen to my brain and blood due to complications from severe Anemia which in turn was causing my body to go into a state of hyperventilation and causing the numbness and drop of blood pressure, etc. I got in on Wednesday for my first Iron Transfusion which lasted a few hours. They also gave me a steroid and an anti-nausea medication in the IV. I have had a lot of swelling afterwards which I am assuming is from the steroid and my bones are aching from the Iron trying to get situated in my body. I feel more tired than usual and extremely dizzy. My hematologist told me that the first month of Transfusions will be really tough on my body and I will feel worse but that after the month is up and my bone marrow starts to recognize the Iron that I should start to have more energy and feel better. I cannot even begin to express how much I am looking forward to just feeling a little bit better. Not even great. Just better. (although great would be amazing).

The added stress of the transfusions has made my Fibro pain increasingly worse. It has been so much better up until now.  I started getting in for Acupuncture again which I missed dearly but wasn’t even able to make it to because of how sick I have been but it is helping the pain. I am also forcing myself to stay up as much as I can during the day to move and regain some strength but it has been extremely difficult. I won’t give up though! I am too determined to get better!

I have some fun new blog post ideas coming up soon. I will be doing another giveaway very soon as well as posting more recipes and at home facial concoctions!

One transfusion down, three to go!

I like to add a little Joy Juice from Lotus Wei to my morning tea! Who couldn’t use a little more joy in their days right?!

Benny has been sleeping with me and keeping me company through this rough patch. My lovely little chi-chi.

Spinach Omelet, Baby Romaine and Cherry Tomatoes. I have really been enjoying cooking more and coming up with fun and easy to make recipes!

Indian Healing Clay and Raw Manuka Honey. I like to make a face mask using these two products! I will do a blog post on this soon.

Currently Reading:

I am really enjoying this book so far and it’s been a great read while I am recuperating!



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10 thoughts on “life update | If I can only recount the story of my life right out of my body, flames will grow.

  1. Hello my dear friend. I hope the iron takes well and you are feeling much, much better. Or as you would say, “amazing”. 😉 Hehe

    I was worried quite a bit, you know. Read your FB-message. Lots of prayers and thoughts to you and your recovery.

    I might need some joy juice. Seriously.

    As always, your self-portraits are gorgeous. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your constant care and concern. It means a great deal to me. I have yet to read my facebook messages!! I will check it tomorrow and respond to you! Thank you so much again and I think everyone could use a little joy juice!!! 😉

  2. Aww honey I hope you are feeling better considering. Thank you for sharing, I’m really happy you are ok. Im sending you lots of good thoughts and hugs to help you on your recovery!

  3. I’m so sorry you have to deal with so much, lovely, but brighter suns on the horizon for you. Endless prayers and love your way.

    Your pictures are stunning, per usual. You must teach me your ways, hm?

    Ahh, I love Aztec Magic! How on earth do you mix it with honey? Is the consistency good? I used to mix it with fresh coconut milk, but the texture is just not the same without the ACV.

    That spinach omelette looks divine. Are you still doing paleo? Was very excited to see you mention that a while back (I believe it was on tumblr?) as I’ve been doing that for some time now, and it’s been glorious. Most importantly, do I get the recipe?! =D

    1. Rachael!! You are a ray of sunshine to my blog! It’s so nice to see a comment from you!

      Thank you SO much.

      I just mix a tablespoon or so of the honey with a teaspoon (give or take) of the aztec clay and I just stir the heck out of it until it’s mush! I will probably do a tutorial on how I do it. I find I dont need any other ingredients other than the honey and the clay!!! It might be you are using the wrong honey.. the raw manuka is the perfect consistency and blends with the clay perfectly!

      I am in the process of eating more proteins and balancing my blood sugar so I have been leaning more towards paleo though I dont like to ever put names on how I am eating or think of it as a “diet” etc. I like to just eat balanced and I have been getting more creative in the kitchen lately!

      Your in luck with the recipe for my omelet! I just put it up on my blog!

      all my love!!!

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