Food For Thought | The Green Goodness Omelet

I came up with this recipe one morning when I was feeling extra creative and  tired of making the typical Spinach Omelet.  I was inspired to blend everything together to create more of a souffle type omelet. I invented  what I have coined  the “Green Goodness Omelet” because it is  packed with the antioxidants lutien and zeaxantin (great for protecting and strengthening our eyes), as well as protein and iron! Don’t let the green color fool you, it’s delicious! And oh so healthy.

What You Will Need:

Spinach (preferably organic)

Two large Eggs (also preferably organic and cage free)

Dairy-Free Daiya Cheddar Cheeze (or any cheese of your preference!)

Blender or Vitamix!

What To Do:

1.) Put a cup  (give or take) of Spinach into Vitamix (or blender), add two eggs and however much cheese you prefer (I like just a little chunk!)

2 ) Blend everything until it turns to liquid.

3.) Empty contents from Vitamix into a greased (I prefer a spray of coconut oil) large skillet or wok .

4.) Cook on low to medium heat until the omelet starts to get stiff enough to where you can flip it over

5.) remove from heat, let sit for a minute and then enjoy your green and protein filled meal!

Remember that looks can be deceiving… This will get your morning off to great start. I promise, it’s delicious!



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6 thoughts on “Food For Thought | The Green Goodness Omelet

  1. I LOVE spinach, a great superfood! Thanks for the recipe, will definitely try it. Avril xXx

  2. This looks delicious. I have never thought to blend the ingredients like this, but I love it! I get really sick of the slimy texture of spinach, I will be cooking this! I just discovered Daiya this year, I love it! I had it on a gluten free pizza, yum! I have a great protein pancake recipe if you would like 🙂

    1. It’s so much easier to eat it like this especially if you love spinach but get sick of the texture!! It’s really delicious. Id love to hear about the pancake recipe but is it gluten free? if not I could probably change a few things around!

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