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Deep Restful Sleep ? I’m in.

Why you should be massaging your feet with oils before bed…

When it comes to sleeping, it can be an easy and natural thing to attain for some and yet for others it’s something so hard to come by.

I personally yearn for a sound sleep. Because of my health conditions, I battle bouts of insomnia and incredibly restless sleep that leaves me feeling groggy, irritable and completely fatigued the next day.

It’s sometimes a struggle to get out of bed early. This is due to the fact that I spend so many nights just tossing and turning or literally laying in bed looking at the ceiling — and yes, I’ve even resorted to counting sheep and unfortunately, although entertaining, it is not helpful.

Aside from other changes I’ve made in my lifestyle -cutting out caffeine after 4 p.m., taking specific supplements (more on that in another post), lately what has been an immediate relief for the nights when I’m restless but just can’t fall asleep is……

Enter… Sleep Easy OilI will say the first night I used this, I sent a text to my mom the next day saying that it was “like I had taken a natural sleeping pill that actually worked” – I couldn’t believe how quickly I felt results after just massaging in a few drops of oil to my entire foot, especially concentrating on the toes and middle tender part of my feet. I immediately felt relaxed and calm and my eyes slowly started to become heavy. I finished the second foot and next thing I knew, I was falling asleep. I still can’t believe how fast this oil works. I’m convinced it has a bit of magic in it for sure… If it can make me fall asleep that fast, It just must be magical because it works where many others have failed me.

You can also use this on your scalp as well! It will help to make your hair healthier while also making you sleepy!

Here is some more information on this beautiful oil from Banyan Botanicals

‘This calming oil brings you powerful Ayurvedic herbs that promote healthy sleep patterns and deep rest and relaxation. Healthy sleep patterns are crucial as they allow the body to restore and rejuvenate while letting the mind process, learn and de-stress. This cooling and soothing formula is intended to be used with the traditional method of head and foot massage at night before going to bed. Application to the head, temples and soles of the feet helps ground the light and mobile nature of Vata and balance the sharp and active nature of Pitta, promoting heavier qualities needed for sleep. The blend is in a base of four organic oils, which come together to bring nourishment, subtle warmth for penetration, and gentle cooling for relaxation. Sleep Easy Oil is then finished with a hint of jasmine and chamomile flowers, bringing soothing scents with ever so mild floral notes. Massage this oil into your head and feet and for a rejuvenating night of rest.

The actual ingredients are as followed: Sesame Oil**, Coconut Oil**, Sunflower Oil**, Olive Oil**, Ashwagandha**, Bala**, Guduchi**, Bhringaraj**, Passionflower**, Skullcap**, Valerian** , Licorice**, Nutmeg**, Jasmine Flowers**, Chamomile Flowers**.

**Certified Organic

I can’t promise this will work magic for you, but I can say it’s worth trying. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t struggle with sleeping, adding this regimen into your nightly routine is very soothing and wonderful for the soul and body. And for a bonus, thanks to the moisturizing and healing oils, your feet will look better too!

Here’s to good nights sleep 🙌


You can purchase the Sleep Easy Oil on Amazon or directly on Banyan Botanicals

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16 thoughts on “WELLNESS | Banyan Botanicals Organic Sleep Easy Oil 

  1. Passionflower, Valerian, and Chamomile are 3 of the best natural sleep aids I have found! I honestly can’t sleep without them! It looks like there are some good anti-inflammatory ingredients in this too..I may need to get this! Thank you for the info love! 🙂 xx

    1. Hi babe! Oh yes, those three are incredible on their own and then when combined they are magic!! Yes yes very good anti-inflammatory ingredients and healing ingredients over all. Highly recommend this, especially if you are a fan of those ingredients. Thank you for reading, lovely xx

    1. Yay! Please let me know how you like it. It’s helped my fibro symptoms, along with Frankincense oil and other things which I plan to blog about soon ❤ I hope you find some relief love. xx

  2. Hi darling! I reallly need your help about christopher drummond concealer. I have a doubt about the color. You told once that your “rms” concealer color is 11. Can you tell me which one of this two is more light?

    1. Hi love!!! I am “11” in the rms, however it is a tad too dark (yellow) for me. I find that the Fair shade in Christopher Drummond is best for me. I also can use Light as well. I use both, sometimes mixed together.

  3. I’m so glad you posted this, I struggle with insomnia terribly sometimes and lay awake late into the night. I hope it works as well for me as I does for you!

  4. Wow I can’t wait to try this for my rls! Thanks for your inspiration and positive outlook! I love what you share! Happy birthday here’s to a beautiful year of you sharing what you have learned offering words of encouragement and enlightenment and to you getting healthier and being healed! Cheers!

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